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Fonkl (or fonkel), from fonkelen (v.) (dutch) : twinkle, sparkle, glitter Bees (n.) : any of numerous hymenopterous insects (superfamily Apoidea)

FONKL BEES likes to forage for any beautiful and odorous flowers. The band is in constant discovery of new horizons and is willing to enlarge its exploring field to fill its hive with tasty nectar.

In a musical way, it means for the seven musicians not to put themselves any barrier regarding the styles they explore, wandering between funk, salsa, jazz, rock, hip-hop and Brazilian music.

The common traits of the rhythms used here is dance and groove, the progressive nature of the compositions makes them unpredictable. The result is a mellow music, both festive and smart.


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In this first EP of five original and instrumental compositions, the band FONKL BEES asserts its plural identity with a mix of different music styles.

The eponym title Bee Honest represents the philosophy which inspired all of the songs. Honesty may be the best ingredient to use when you need a starting point for an artistic project and to discover oneself in its uniqueness.

As a listener, you will be brought in an introspective and active listening experience, leading by languorous or sometimes stormy melodies and rich arrangements highlighted by intense rhythms and orchestration.

This EP project is a first step to an upcoming album, already present in every members’ mind.

The featured song Bee Honest has been added to the playlist Just Jazzin’

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