Faubourg feat Rosko John

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Faubourg is a composer, producer and sound designer based in Paris.

More than ten years since he has collaborated internationally with artists, directors in Europe, US, Canada & Australia. His career has been influenced by his numerous travels.

Faubourg writes music in his own terms, filtering trip-hop, electronica, sound design and R&B through an ambitious widescreen lens. He blends powerful synths, emotional landscapes and rousing rhythmic patterns.


IG: @faubourg_musicFB: Faubourgmusic

The song, Relentless, took form when Faubourg was introduced by a friend to Rosko.

Quickly they talk on the internet and start to share music and ideas. “For me he was sick to talk with Rosko. I’m a big fan of the album Londinium of the band ARCHIVE where he was the MC. When he told me he had listened to some of my old tracks on soundcloud I jumped on the occasion to make something together.”

“then everything went fast, we talked about a theme and he wrote his lyrics and sent me his acapella. I finally build up the whole track around his voice”

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